VERY IMPORTANT: To all of those caring & wonderful individuals who seem to think that their donation is never enough to help sustain us…we are still going thanks to you…

Bathroom Renovation Centre
Bill & Grace Bodnar
Bruno Valente
Boston Pizza
Boxing Ontario (Matt Kennedy)
Mike Lundy & the Corrections Officers
Dave Hughes
David & Shirley Roberts
Dorothy Hays
Dr Trudy-Lyn Mahood
George Kostyshyn
Grace Equestrian Centre
(The) Green Dream Team
Gron Morgan School (Cindy Spackman)
Heather Norhaugen
Jennifer Roukkula
Judy & Peter Bentz
John Andrews Foundation
John & Colleen Dolce
John Randle
Joyce Baxter
Kamview cross-country skiing
LDR Heating
Mallon’s Promotional Products and Clothing
Margie Loppacher
Mario’s Bowl
Metro Lions
Mo Nelson
Mt Baldy
Musselwhite Mine
Ontario Power Generation
Paintball Mountain
Payless Auto
Peter Haase
Pizza Hut
RBC Dominion Securities Inc
Robert & Nancy Baxter
SASI water
St Paul’s Anglican Church
Sam Charal
Sencia Canada Ltd.
Silver Fox Squash League
Slovak Legion (East-End)
Sonia Rutter
Steve Normand
Synergee Fitness
T1 Agency
Thunder Bay Gymnastics
Thunder Bay Media Distributors
Vic Germaniuk
(The) Wicked Weavers