We congratulate Peter Panetta, of The Underground Gym, for receiving the 12th Annual Ilkka Ovaska Award for Social Responsibility. This Award is given to someone who demonstrates admirable social responsibility efforts in our community, and the recipient is rewarded $500 towards the charity of their choice, this time being The Underground Gym. This year, the selection was unanimous amoung the Nominating Committee. Peter Panetta is a leader in building a positive future for our communities’ vulnerable children and youth. As Founder, Operator and President of the Underground Gym, he has been an inspiration for youth and adults alike, demonstrating his hard work and determination, highlighting that one person can definitely make a difference. The Underground Gym opened its doors in Febrauary 1999, with the purpose of offering a safe space for youth to hang out, eat a hot meal, and participate in a large range of activities, from boxing to music lessons, all offered free of charge. The Underground Gym also has the opportunity to arrange for outings including skiing and kayaking. The Gym has successfully engaged and influenced youth through mentoring, positive influences and association and productive activities that give an alternate choice for those presented with a life of substance abuse or crime. Hundreds of youth have been able to benefit from the space provided, without prejudice.

Peter invited Brandon Esquega and Christian Kwandibens to speak about their experience at The Underground Gym.

Congratulations Peter Panetta and The Underground Gym!
The Underground Gym is currently looking to acquire a new van to transport youth to/from activites. If you are interested in helping, please contact Peter with the information below.

634 Simpson Street
Mailing Address:
The Underground Gym and Youth Centre Inc.
634 Simpson St / Thunder Bay, Ontario / P7C-3J7
Phone Number:
(807) 622-5666

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