Punk - The Journey of a 60's Delinquent




CHAPTER ONE: “not again!”
Evening with Lynnie. Feelings are very strong.
On the way home, I meet a friend who just did 2 years in Stony Mountain penitentiary.
I owed him a favor so we pull a small job (robbery) for quick money.
I thought all went well, but… did it?

CHAPTER TWO: “the impression”

Go back 2 years to 1967.
First encounter with Nico (Nicolas). The “Hard Rock” who was about to change my life.

CHAPTER THREE: “the party”

I change my image from nerd to “cool” (learn to smoke, grease my hair, change my clothes, etc.).
Wild party at Nico’s (drinking, dope, screwing, jerk off contest, etc.).
My first sexual encounter.

CHAPTER FOUR: “home life”

Back home the next morning to find Ma in a raging fit.
I recall the beatings I had growing up.
I take of care of my 5 brothers & sisters every need.

CHAPTER FIVE: “armed robbery”

Back to Nico’s.
I’m asked to join “the gang”.
I have to prove myself. I’m given a gun to pull an armed robbery.
Successful and now accepted.

CHAPTER SIX: “can’t get enough”

Play a lot of hooky from school, hang out at pool halls and see a lot of Michelle (girl I met when I first met Nico).
Another wild party at Nico’s.
Robbery #2 (I’m only the driver on this one).
By now, my life had totally changed. Virtually no school, hardly any family life.
It was “cool to live” ‘cause “I lived to be cool”.
Got the “rep” I wanted.

CHAPTER SEVEN: “love sick”

Parking with Michelle.
She wants to screw, I explain why I can’t.
She tells me that she loves me then opens up (she’s a whore and a drug addict).
I can’t handle that & I want out.
She attempts suicide.

CHAPTER EIGHT: “ragtop & chicks”

Nico buys a ’64 convertible with stolen money.
We play the “car tag” game (dangerous but fun).
Nico’s antics:
Pointing the gun at people as we drive by.
Jumping naked on parked cars when couples were necking.
Pick up hitchhikers and forcing them to have sex with him (and beatings).
He rapes a girl in the car.
Those “MEAN” things that he did turned everything around for me. People were getting hurt.

CHAPTER NINE: “direct hit”

I encounter a girl that I used to go to school with. She invites me to a party at her place.
All bubblegummers there.
I’m instantly attracted to a pretty girl named Marilyn.
I fight her boyfriend, I pull the gun to keep him away from me.
Cops come; I’m thrown in jail.
Get 2 years probation.
Rep gets bigger because of it.

CHAPTER TEN: “wheels”

Buy a ’56 Chevy to learn how to drive a standard.
Friends take it for a joy ride. Nico beats the shit out of all 3.
I buy a “Harley 45” motorcycle.
Embarrassing challenge with “Satan’s Choice” Motocycle Gang.
Take  “Suzie pig-pig” for a ride in the country for some action.
She asks me to be her pimp…no way.
Hippie thumping at Waverley Park with Rollie.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: “the fight”

The boys & I go to KFC for a bite to eat.
Meet Ralph Dyer there.
The Rosettis show up.
Big gang fight in the back lane.
Jimmy Johnson gets his head split open by a 2X4, almost dies.
Charges laid on both sides…all go to court.

CHAPTER TWELVE: “reality check”

Party at one-eyed Junior’s place. Huge fight ensues between Nico & Mickey Petch (the guy who was charged with killing Nico’s brother) Nico backs off.
Nico opens up. Tells me all about his personal life.


My lifestyle is too depressing. I find it difficult to get out.
I seriously contemplate suicide.
By chance, I meet Marilyn again. We hit it off.
I feel good again.
Marilyn & I see a lot of each other.
I see life altogether different.
Nico contacts me for a big job, I decline.
Nico & Guy flirt with Marilyn to get my goat, we fight.
I tell Nico it’s over, Marilyn leaves.
Try to contact her but no luck. I find her at school; we talk, I explain.
I tell her that I love her & ask her to “go steady”, she accepts.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: “lifestyle change or else”

Marilyn’s father finds out that she’s going out with me, he won’t allow it. He knows of my bad reputation.
I must change her dad’s attitude towards me. I clean up my act & get a “real” job.
A few months later, her dad has a heart attack. I visit him in the hospital. I present myself well, we hit it off.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: “adieu nico”

Find out that Nico has throat cancer.
I visit him in the hospital for a touching last moment.
He dies just before Christmas.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: “robbery at abby’s place”

Go back to Chapter one’s robbery. Tense outcome.
Too much at stake. I promise myself “NO MORE PUNK SHIT”.

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: “engaged at last”

Buy an engagement ring for Marilyn (Lynnie),
I propose…She accepts.